Full Name
Colin Heldt
Job Title
Director of Engineering
Universal Music Group: East Iris Studios

Colin Heldt is the Director of Engineering at Universal Music Group’s East Iris Studios in Nashville, TN. With 20 years of experience as an audio engineer in the Nashville area, Colin's passion is bringing the visions of both artists and producers to life.  Along with being an experienced engineer and living most of his life in Nashville, he’s also an accomplished musician and the director of tech for East Iris Studios. This role places him in the rare position where he is highly skilled and especially attuned to both the creative and technical aspects of the industry and is a jack of all trades in the studio. 

In 2018, Colin played a vital role in helping to pioneer mixing music content for Dolby Atmos, and has since mixed hundreds of songs from UMG’s vast catalog of artists. He has loved being involved with Atmos Music Mixing since it’s infancy, collaborating to develop best mix practices, along with mixing itself, and is excited to see the format grow and evolve.  

Outside of the studio, Colin enjoys cooking, biking, playing the piano, guitar, and drums, and cheering on his beloved Vols and Titans. He cherishes time with his wife and two young children, prioritizing family alongside his passion for music and technology. 

Atmos mix credit highlights (Artists): 

Shawn Mendes
Selena Gomez
Ariana Grande
Sheryl Crow
Dierks Bentley
Dermot Kennedy
Lana Del Rey
Post Malone
Smokey Robinson
Kanye West
Keith Urban

Colin Heldt