Full Name
Clive Young
Job Title
Content Director / Editor in Chief
Pro Sound News / prosoundnetwork.com / Future
Clive Young is the content director of Pro Sound News and ProSoundNetwork.com. PSN was named Future's U.S. Magazine of the Year in 2019, the same year Young was one of three finalists at the 65th Annual Neal Awards for "Best Range Of Work By A Single Author." In 2020, Young developed and launched Podcast Pro, a weekly SmartBrief newsletter covering the production side of podcasting. He is the author of two books, “Crank It Up” and “Homemade Hollywood,” and has spoken at more than 350 libraries, universities, museums, academic symposiums and conventions, usually on music and cinema history. Young earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Hofstra University in 2016.
Clive Young